Bailey B. Page

Girl’s Fess Up Challenge

I thought you’d like to learn a little more about me.

Naked man and woman in love

Bath or shower? Bath (Unless of course, he insisted.)
Straight or curly hair? Curly hair
Favorite movie? Cat in a Hot Tin Roof (Elizabeth Taylor & Paul Neuman – so hot.)
Favorite holiday? Christmas
# of serious relationships(over 1 yr)? 1 (I have a lot to learn.)
Sleep with or w/o a fan? With a fan
Android or iPhone? iPhone
Texting or call? Texting
Facebook or twitter? Facebook
Favorite type of food? Japanese
Dream job? Writer (Blessed to do my dream job.)
Favorite pizza? Pepperoni and jalapeño
Favorite cake? Red Velvet
Talking or fighting? Talking
Night or day? Night
Summer or winter? Winter
Wine or whiskey? Wine (A nice semi-dry riesling or Brut Champagne.)
Makeup or no makeup? No Makeup
Favorite TV show? Top Chef
Hair up or down? Hair up
Jeans or leggings? Leggings (Comfort and convenient.)
Painted or non-painted nails? No painted nails, always painted toes
Favorite color? Green
T-shirt or dress shirt? T-shirt
Flip flops or sneakers? Sneakers
Big purse or small? Big purse (Need to always be prepared.)
How many tattoos? 7 body parts, but multiple tattooes
How many piercings? 6 all ears
Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds (In all shapes and sizes.)
Favorite animal? Dog
Rap or country music? Rap music
Sports or couch? Watching sports on a couch (#NFL Rocks!!)

Tell me more about you . . .

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