About Bailey

Bailey B. Page adores writing dark erotic, heavy on the romance, fiction, with an edge of humor. She is a millennial, who cracks up at the reference. Bailey resides in Brooklyn, New York and loves the intensity of her hometown even though she is accused of softening that edge with her bubbly confident persona.

In her spare time, Bailey enjoys traveling, computer card games and dancing to 90’s hip-hop music when no one is watching.

She spends her days finding the perfect; coffee shop, library, and community workspace and then writes with fear that someone will read the dirty stuff she transcribes, and throw her out.

As she depicts in her work, Bailey loves the idea of being spanked, tied up, and dominated, but demands her Dom have a sense of humor.

You can connect with Bailey on her Facebook Page, Instagram & Twitter.

You can read all about her adventures on The Bailey Pages.

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